(Please ignore the website title: no fell-running involved honest!)

  • Where: Heath RUFC, West Vale (HX4 8LS)
  • When: Thursday 11th July 7pm ish (staggered starts) – registration from 6:15pm
  • To be followed by a free light supper in the bar (please let your club rep know you are coming to give the catering corps an idea of numbers, thanks)

What is it? A glorified treasure hunt, a.k.a. a “score event”.

  • Each team will be given maps in the same format as the Barkisland one at the end of this post.
  • Teams will also be given one card which they will punch at the checkpoint to show they have visited a control.
  • The aim is for teams to visit together as many (or as few) of the controls marked on the map as they can in a set time.
  • Don’t try to visit all of them!!
  • You can visit them in any order you like.
  • Different controls are worth different amounts of points (generally, the further away they are, the more they are worth)
  • The RED numbers on the map are the number of the control (ie the square you have to punch on your card), the BLUE numbers are how many points that control is worthbarkislandscores
  • The RED numbers also refer to a key which tells you what the control is tied to (and how many points they are worth):scores
  • Time allotted: 90 minutes (from when the team are given the map) – hand card in as soon as you get back to stop the clock
  • Time Penalty: minus 2 points for every minute over 90 minutes


  • What shoes? The route is up to you and most of the checkpoints are on tarmac so road shoes would be fine for the very offroad-phobic  ….but trail shoes would give you more options route-wise.
  • What size teams? Could be just a pair; could be loads of you just having a giggle. Only one card and therefore one score per team. Just turn up and form a team when you get here. Comedy names always a winner.
  • How big are the maps? The A4 ones are printed at a slightly larger scale then the Ordnance Survey maps they are based on and will be fine for most people but there will also be A3 large-print versions.
  • What if I can’t read a map? Join a team with someone who can and/or download a freebie mapping app to your phone. (I recommend Viewranger as it has the same mapping the competition map is based on)
  • How do the punches work? They are oldskool orienteering punches.  You can see how these work here (won’t be doing the clipboard signing though). Each punch has a unique pattern so make sure you punch the right square.
  • What do checkpoints look like? Look for red and white tape; some pictures from previous event here.


  • What’s a good score look like? Hard to say – here are the results from the Barkisland test run. (Notice that the team that got the highest checkpoint score didn’t win because they got back eight minutes late).barkisland scores
  • Where will the results be? They’ll be updated live on the night – there will be a link to them at the top of this post. (And we’ll try to get them up on a big screen somewhere)

Map from Barkisland test run:BarkiMap.jpg

And this is how it looked in Strava flyby: