Full final results table for 2019 is here (best viewed on a PC)- there’s two main tabs at the bottom of the screen – one for the standard results; one for the handicap results. (And then one for each race of the season).

2019 Winners

So 2019 is done and all in all it’s been a cracking first season with lots of superb running, mud, madness, camaraderie, scenery, challenge, the taste of beer, cider, cake and pies well earned after a calendar full of a plethora of unique races.

Dan Marsden claimed the outright overall title with a consistent display of fine, strong, classy fell-running.
Rachel Lumb won the female title proving that she is a very good all round fell runner with a strong engine.
Dave Culpan and Paul Patrick shared the Vets honours with a battle royale all season, but in the end it was still neck and neck, so it’s onto 2020 for big boys rematch.
James Penson won the Handicap title against heavily talented competition, a prevailing wind and the weight of expectation that comes with trying to explain not only how you won but what you actually won. No idea. Sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Male Open

  • 1. Dan Marsden 497 pts 
  • 2. James Penson 491 pts
  • 3. Leon Severn 476 pts

Female Open

  • 1. Rachel Lumb 396pts 
  • 2. Aileen Baldwin 386pts
  • 3. Rikki Hammond 355pts

Veterans (where vets = 50+)

  • =1. David Culpan 434 pts 
  • =1. Paul Patrick 434 pts 
  • 3. Martin O’Brien 428pts


  • 1. James Penson 12.9pts 
  • 2. David Culpan 9.7pts
  • 3. Jim Harris 8.7pts