What is this all about then?

Our own Fell club championship where we have handpicked 25 (ish) Fell races which are mainly local or in the heart of the best Fell Running communities in the country. We have tried to choose an overall balance of races that are fantastic runs, great value for money, often with stunning scenery that offer the opportunity to take part in the championship even if you are not a seasoned fell runner.

If you love running off road or are keen to get into the hills more, then this is the championship for you, this could change your life or at least change the view for a few days. In actual no nonsense fact it will make you more sexy, give you more energy, give you interesting marks in places you never knew you had, give you increased kudos at the hairdressers and most importantly of all it’s good for the soul.


Championship Races 2019

02/03/19 Lads Leap (5.9 miles, 1700ft of ascent) AS

24/03/19 Heptonstall (15 miles, 3200ft of ascent) BL

02/04/19 Bunny Run 1 (3 miles, 300ft of ascent) CS

06/04/19 Coledale Horseshoe (8.5 miles, 3000ft of ascent) BM

09/04/19 Bunny Run 2 (3 miles, 300ft of ascent) CS

16/04/19 Bunny Run 3 (3 miles, 300ft of ascent) CS

20/04/19 Newlands Memorial (11.5 miles, 3609ft of ascent) AM

20/04/19 Teenager With Altitude (15.3 miles, 7546ft of ascent) AL

06/05/19 Coiners (6.7 miles, 968ft of ascent) BM

22/05/19 Blackstone Edge (3.5 miles, 1200ft of ascent) AS

30/05/19 Thats So Hebden Bridge (6.5 miles, 1150ft of ascent) BM

11/06/19 Bridestone (4.7 miles, 1230ft of ascent) AS

16/06/19 Settle Hills (7 miles, 1330ft of ascent) BM

02/07/19 Stoodley Pike (3.1 miles, 699ft of ascent) BS

17/07/19 Widdop (7 miles, 1201ft of ascent) BM

21/07/19 Holme Moss (17.7 miles, 4314ft of ascent) AL

27/07/19 Turnslack (8 miles, 2000ft of ascent) BM

04/08/19 Saddleworth Round (16.5 miles, 3281ft of ascent) BL

05/09/19 Hades Hill (5 miles, 1181ft of ascent) BS

08/09/19 Yorkshireman Off Road Half Marathon (14.9 miles, 2133ft of ascent) BL

08/09/19 Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon (26.1 miles, 3281ft of ascent) CL

*new date* 14/09/19 Lost Shepherd (15 miles, 2700ft of ascent) BL

26/10/19 Race You To The Summit (4,3 miles, 853ft of ascent) BS

02/11/19 Shepherd’s Skyline (6.2 miles, 1148ft of ascent) BS

16/11/19 Tour of Pendle (16.8 miles, 4833ft of ascent) AL

08/12/19 Vocation Mytholmroyd (6.2 miles, 1348ft of ascent) BM

Latest Results

Full results table is here (best viewed on a PC)- there’s two main tabs at the bottom of the screen – one for the standard results; one for the handicap results. (And then one for each race of the season).

Nuts and Bolts

1. Complete a minimum of 6 races from the list.

2. The list will be broken down into Short, Medium and Long – to qualify for the standard championship you need to do one from each category, plus any other 3 (but no more than three in total from any one category) eg you could do SSSMML or SSMMLL or SMMLLL (but NOT for example SSSSML)

3. The handicap championship just requires you to do *any* six races from the list, so if you are dipping your toe into fellracing you could do SSSSSS if you wished.

4. The Championship will run from March – December (that’s a couple of months off to get ready for next year )

5. Points in the standard Championship will be awarded for how well you did against *everyone else* in the race, not just the Lions. (Thus there’s no advantage to being the only Lion to turn up). Loads more detail and worked examples here.

6. Points for the handicap  Championship seek to reward improvement by comparing your latest performance to your recent average and scoring you accordingly. And then averaging your three best scores. It’s a lot of maths but all the details (and a chance to play with some dummy results) are here.

7. Trophies will be awarded for…. certainly the top three overall, and then some based on age categories. As this is first year we want to see how many people sign up before deciding definitively on this

8. One league for all competitors.

9. You are responsible for carrying the correct kit as indicated on the race entry details of each race.

10. Please try and wear the Stainland shirt where possible.


What’s fellrunning?

This is fell running

What’s all this AS, AM, BL stuff about?

As per the link above, a fell race is one run on fell, hill or mountain terrain and shall be categorised as follows :
Category “A”

  • Should average not less than 50 metres climb per kilometre
  • Should not have more than 20% of the race distance on road.
  • Should be at least 1.5 kilometres in length

Category “B”

  • Should average not less than 25 metres climb per kilometre.
  • Should not have more than 30% of the race distance on road

Category “C”

  • Should average not less than 20 metres climb per kilometre.
  • Should not have more than 40% of the race distance on road.
  • Should contain some genuine fell terrain.

Race Length Categories

  • A category “L” (long) race is 20 kilometres or over.
  • A category “M” (medium) race is over 10 kilometres but less than 20 kilometres.
  • A category “S” (short) race is 10 kilometres or less

Can I do the clubs main championship as well as this?

Yes of course, no problem, we have avoided clashes with all Stainland fixtures known at time of press (Championship races, WYWL, YVAA, club races, CWR, etc)  and we have included the two fell races in the main Championship in this as well. Win-win!

If I just turn up and do all the races, will I win?

Nope, it’s about doing as well as you can against *all* the other racers that turn up that day rather than against whichever Lions turn up. So, no easy points just because you are the only one to have turned up, sorry. 🙂

Are all the races ridiculously hard, steep and technically difficult?

We will indicate which races we think require more experience than others, some will be very hard, some won’t, there will be plenty of races to suit lots of runners abilities in each category. Also, some races are easier to navigate than others and we’ve made sure there’s some of these in each category as well.

I’m new to fell racing, which races would you recommend?

We would recommend any 6 of the following list: One or all 3 Bunny runs, Coiners, Blackstone Edge, That’s so Hebden Bridge, Bridestones, Stoodley Pike, Hades Hill, Race to the summit or Vocation Mytholmroyd. ANY six will do just nicely for the handicap and will be a good introduction into the world of fell racing. As for the Long Races, the Lost Shepherd or the Yorkshireman half are the best bets to qualify for the main fell championship. Good luck and don’t forget the required kit…

Will I need lots of extra kit?

As a rule of thumb, you will always need ‘FRA Mandatory Minimum Kit’ which is waterproof whole body cover (with taped seams and integrated attached hood), hat, gloves, map of the route, compass, whistle and emergency food. Runners often question whether this level of kit is necessary – it may not be needed when you are running strongly or in good weather, but it could be a life-saver if you have to slow down or stop because of injury or tiredness, or if you need to help another runner in difficulty. Also, if you are just dabbling there are almost always Lions happy to lend you this stuff and we certainly intend to help with the maps.

What is the difference between this and the other club championship?

All these races are off road and hilly.

Will my trainers get mucky?

I’m afraid so, yes 🙂